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The best fishing charters in the Charleston, SC area

Avid Angling Fishing Charters offers Inshore Fishing Charters, Nearshore Fishing Charters, Fly Fishing, Flycasting Lessons, Nearshore Sight Fishing Trips, Surf Fishing, Cobia Trips, and Tarpon trips (See All Trips HERE). Please Contact Capt. Mike – who holds 100 Ton USCG Master license – for details such as cost and time of year for these specialty trips. Avid Angling Fishing Charters is also proud to offer trips geared toward families or younger kids with shorter duration and added activities such as crabbing or sharks teeth hunting. A true love for fishing and the outdoors is developed at a young age.

The Charleston area is bordered by two of the most pristine watersheds on the east coast. To the south of us near Kiawah Island is the ACE Basin. These feeder creeks and giant marshes provide a nursery for an outstanding abundance of fish. Just north of Charleston and Isle of Palms is the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge and Bulls Bay. As the ocean tides flood these areas the water visibility clears and provides an excellent area to sight fish for redfish or catch spotted seatrout that rely on their sharp vision to prey on baitfish.

Charleston Harbor also has great fishing opportunities. Aside from reds, trout, flounder, black drum and sheepshead, our jetties (including dynamite hole and the grillage) hold sharks, huge bull red drum and even tarpon! Record sized Jack Crevalle show up in the harbor when the water gets warm and provide all the challenge an avid angler could want. Bluefish, spanish mackerel, larger flounder and ladyfish also show up in the warmer months and are a blast to catch on light tackle.

Nearshore trolling and reef fishing off the coast of South Carolina is a great way to fish and enjoy the open ocean without the much higher fuel costs of fishing the gulf stream. Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel and Barracuda can be taken by trolling over bottom structure that attracts all sorts of fish. At certain times of the year cobia, jacks and barracuda hide and feed near buoys and provide a unique sight fishing experience. If you want to reel non-stop, come out and reef fish. Bottom rigs can be dropped to catch one fish after another such as black seabass, triggerfish, grouper, snapper, amberjacks and many different species of sharks such as spinners, blacktips, nurse, and bonnetheads(check out the photo pages to see what YOU can catch)!

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